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Rated 2.4 out of 5
2.4 out of 5 stars (based on 7 reviews)
Rated 2.4 out of 5
2.4 out of 5 stars (based on 7 reviews)

Company Summary

Plycon Transportation will move your small and large unique items. They pride themselves in quality shipment solutions from a single piece of furniture to a partial house/apartment move to an estate requiring deliveries to multiple locations.

After spending more than two decades building a highly demanded and respected service for his employers, Arthur Pliaconis started his own moving and storage company in the 1970s.

Review Summary

Rated 2.4 out of 5
2.4 out of 5 stars (based on 7 reviews)
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Rated 1 out of 5
November 13, 2020

The worst nightmare – irresponsible and not at all anxious to provide customer service. We have been lied to about delivery times on multiple occasions. Claim needs to be filed, no return info or help!!
Phone calls go unanswered – don’t understand how a company can operate like this.


Do not use

Rated 1 out of 5
November 5, 2020

If I could rate Plycon/Plycar 1-star, I would. I had a terrible experience with them transporting my car from NYC to FL.
My car was picked up on Friday morning in Manhattan. It had returned from the dealer with a full detail and was in immaculate condition and had approximately 1,000 miles on it. It was loaded onto a transporter and taken away. When I booked the pickup several weeks before, I was told that after pickup on Friday, my car would leave that night and be in Florida on Wednesday. I prepared my family’s entire move around this information and asked for repeated confirmation of the date. It was confirmed several times when booking. They said they operate the NY-FL route all the time and it would be pretty straightforward.
After the car was picked up, I received of bill of lading that said my car was damaged (it was not) and it was inspected at night. It was picked up and inspected at 11am. When I got the bill of lading I called Plycon, they told me it was probably an error and it wasn’t a big deal as my car was already en route to Florida; according to them it was already on its way…
I called throughout the week leading up to delivery and could never get someone on the phone. I left countless messages and did not receive one phone call back. Finally, I got someone on the line who said they would look into it. Nothing.
I arrived in Florida a week after my car was picked up and had no information from Plycon as to where my car was or what was happening. Finally, someone named Mike called me and said he didn’t know when it would be arriving and there was nothing they could do. Really great customer service – not!!! I told him that they had promised me the car to arrive during the week and he couldn’t care less. In fact, for some reason, he brought politics into our conversation and said “well you live close to President Trump, so you can thank him” for the delay. I was confused as to why this nasty, rude and unhelpful person brought up President Trump for literally no reason. He muttered an expletive laden tirade about the amount of hours truckers can drive. Not sure what this has to do with Trump, but if you are in the trucking business and promise something to someone – repeatedly – by a certain date, you should know the regulations of the industry in which you operate. Still befuddled as to why politics was brought into a conversation about Plycar’s incompetence and deceit.
Next, Mike told me my car would arrive by Saturday night at 11pm. Not exactly ideal, but I really needed my car. Surprise surprise, no car. Mike then said it would be there on Sunday morning.
You can guess what happened. No car. No customer service, nothing. Mike was the worst “professional” in any industry I have ever dealt with. He blamed everyone: me, the President(!!!) and his drivers, while taking zero accountability. He snarled at me to “rent an effing car” as I waited. While he offered to pay for my “effing rental” I wanted my car, which was now 4 days late and NO ONE could tell me where it was.
Finally, the only decent person at Plycar, Ronnie, helped me out. He told me the truth, said I was lied to repeatedly, my car for some reason had been stuck in Maryland and would be arriving the following morning, a week after it was promised.
After a lot of back and forth within the company, they gave me a full refund.
This refund was for the cost of the shipping only. It did not cover the huge grease stains all over the interior of my car that have been unable to be removed by my car’s manufacturer and several other professional auto cleaners.
In short, DO NOT EVER USE PLYCON. They are a team of rude, nasty and deceitful people who only care about money. Customers come last at Plycon.
Shipping with Plycar was unquestionably the worst experience I have had with any company, in any business whatsoever.


Do not use Plycon

Rated 1 out of 5
October 14, 2020

There’s a reason the word “con” is in their name. They lie. They are unreliable. They break things. They deny any wrong doing. They don’t care at all about their customers and their own employees do not want to work there. I’m contacting the Better Business Bureau, my attorney and the NY Post about them. I wish I could give them zero stars. That’s how absolutely horrible they were
I’m saving you time, stress and money. DO NOT USE THEM. YOU WILL REGRET IT.


Very pleased

Rated 5 out of 5
June 8, 2020

When I first contacted Plycon for the transport of a large French baker’s rack from an estate broker in Pennsylvania to Colorado, I was provided an estimated delivery date and considering this was in the middle of the Covid outbreak, the delivery date was only two days off. They were in the middle of converting their tracking system to one similar to UPS, etc. so it wasn’t as reliable as it could have been but email was responded to immediately so I always knew where my item was. It may be helpful to get the contact info for the dispatcher responsible once the freight leaves for your final destination. I worked with Steven Vasquez who was extremely helpful and my driver Howard was THE BEST!! We moved in to our new home in Steamboat Springs in January and have had lots of furniture delivered from all over the country. Some deliveries were better than others but Plycon really was the easiest as far as access to live contacts. My item arrived without a scratch and by the most professional and upbeat seasoned pro I’ve worked with. Very pleased.



Rated 1 out of 5
January 4, 2020

23 days to deliver a blanket wrapped table from nyc to LA. Seems like a professional national shipper should do better than that!


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