Real Canadian Movers

Rated 2.3 out of 5
2.3 out of 5 stars (based on 3 reviews)
Rated 2.3 out of 5
2.3 out of 5 stars (based on 3 reviews)

Company Summary

Real Canadian is a professional and trusted moving company based in Vancouver, Canada. With RCM you get a personalized service, flat rate moving quotes, professional and a exceptional friendly service and legendary customer service.

Review Summary

Rated 2.3 out of 5
2.3 out of 5 stars (based on 3 reviews)
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Hard Working Crew

Rated 5 out of 5
November 7, 2020

The company has really showed me what a good moving company is like to be working with professional moving carrier. Real Canadian Movers was the best company I have ever selected in my previous moving.
I was given a great quote for the value of the move. It provided me with excellent communication from the beginning until end.
I appreciate you guys for doing professional business with me. My husband and I are very satisfied with the outcome of this job.
Definitely will be a returning customer. I appreciate all the hard work, I will be back whenever I need a mover.


Don't Recommend

Rated 1 out of 5
October 28, 2020

I just moved to Vancouver, and asked this company for moving but they really did the worst job I’ve ever seen. Super slow and the leader, Alex, was not nice at all.

From Richmond, BC

Unsatisfied from Burnaby

Rated 1 out of 5
October 19, 2020

They made an already stressful day even more stressful. Alex and his team started out well, they were slow but it was a hot day so I’ll give them that. We moved just 16KM within the city so about a 15 mins drive tops, it took them an hour to get from the old place to the new place. I left after them, and arrived before them at the new house and waited around for another 45 mins before they arrived.
I didn’t say anything giving them the benefit of doubt that maybe they got lost or what not.
When they arrived they said they didn’t know it was a townhouse, and accused me of not providing the right information. However, when I asked for a quote you would assume before they took a job it is their responsibility to ask the right questions to know what the job for the day would be before sending a team. Why would that be on me for their lack of preparation. I did not appreciate the accusation.
Not only that in the middle of the move in they decided to move the truck now half empty, causing my sideboard to fall onto my dresser damaging both cabinets. They have still not stepped in to take responsibility to fix the items as they have promised, and blames me for not having the receipts for the items. It’s one month, they only offered $200 to close this, which I haven’t took because $200 will not repair the damages and asked for them to repair the furniture instead because I know it would cost more than $200 to repair.
As they have said they would do it this week the have now ghosted me. They are slow to respond even though they said that they will have this t resolved it within the week that it happened on moving day. It’s now 4 days from being one month since moving day.
What I thought would be a professional company doesn’t take responsibility to make things right. In the end I paid over $1600 for the move. Left with 2 pieces of broken furniture which would cost me $900 to replace.


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6344 Kingsway #1, Burnaby, BC, Canada


1 800-690-6914

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