Roadrunner Moving and Storage

Rated 2.8 out of 5
2.8 out of 5 stars (based on 11 reviews)
Rated 2.8 out of 5
2.8 out of 5 stars (based on 11 reviews)

Company Summary

As one of the finest and most sought-after companies specializing in relocation, Roadrunner Moving and Storage’s prides themselves with a team of highly skilled professionals that is committed to you and your needs. They handle local, interstate, and cross-country moves, whether you need your home moved or your corporate office moved to a new location.

Review Summary

Rated 2.8 out of 5
2.8 out of 5 stars (based on 11 reviews)
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Do not use this company.

Rated 1 out of 5
December 7, 2020

Do not use this company. So far this company has lied to me, blocked my number, failed to respond to numerous emails, stole $2300 dollars from me, and all of my items which are 3 weeks late from delivery date. Last i heard my items are still in my home state. They are not a moving company. They are a moving company broker, they take your stuff and find an actual moving company to deliver. They sell you the perfect moving experience on the phone then send you the terms and conditions separate a few days before the move date. By that point its too late to cancel because they dont pick up the phone. They tell you they will call you with any delays and updates. For 3 weeks ive been the one responsible to reach out to them and for the 1st week they had no answer. The customer service rep even went as far as to say she has no idea where my items are. This company is a total shame, and they’re crooks. I feel my only next step is to fly back to my home state, and confront them at the main office. This company should not exist and someone needs to find a way to sue them for their lies. Every step by step process and guarantee they sold me was a lie. Wrapping all of my belongings is not part of the price. They lied to me when i asked is glass and mirrors included. They said yes. They promised me that the delivery will happen between 5 to 8 days. Now customer service says up to 30 business days. They said that they were a moving company with their own trucks. They are now saying they need to wait for a company that is going to my state. Ive already paid double the estimate price because they incorrectly made an inventory for what i needed moved for the 3rd time. At first moving up to 4 flights of stairs was included, day of the signing they change their mind and say its only 2 flights, and the extra floor is 75 dollars. That was fine, but it shows the continued lies of the sales rep. They never told me my items will be in storage. They never told me it can be up to 30 business days to deliver. They never told me every glass item is an extra wrapping fee. They never told me that their are several different moving packages that all included different extras.


Didn't live up to their commitment

Rated 1 out of 5
October 5, 2020

Road Runner has not lived up to their Delivery commitment and refuses to provide information On when they will I contracted with Road Runner to move furniture from my parents home in Florida to an assisted living community in Maryland. Sales process went fine, the packers and loaders were very punctual and professional. They packed and loaded last Saturday, September 26th as agreed. Both the original sales person and the packers agreed to a delivery date of yesterday October 1st (also written on the paperwork the packers gave me). Having not heard anything by Wednesday Sept 30, the day prior, I called the main number in the morning. The person who answered said she would call dispatch to determine the status of my delivery and call me back. After six hours and not hearing from them, I called back. They had no new news for me and could not say when it would be coming. The next day I called again. On many occasions the phone was not answered and I would have to call back. Upon finally getting in touch with someone, she assured me I was wrong about my delivery date and it would come within a three to seven day window beginning last Monday, Sept 28th so by that math I could expect delivery between Thursday October 1 (the original agreed day and the basis for my booking with them) and Monday October 5th. I was also told I would get an email with the driver delivery information who could then provide me with a more precise delivery day and time. She also refused to connect me with a supervisor or any way to reach someone higher up in the company, just an email address I could send a note to which I did and has not been responded to. Today is Saturday, October 3 and I have received no additional info or emails. At this point, in the absence of any info from Road Runner, I will have to cancel and rebook the plane tickets I purchased for myself and my parents to fly to Maryland on Monday to move them into their new home since I cannot be sure their furniture will arrive in time. I booked these tickets based on Road Runners commitment to an October 1st, (2nd at the latest) delivery date. My Dad is 87 and Mom is 97 so this will add extra trauma to their already traumatic experience of giving up their independence and moving into an assisted living home. All could have been avoided if Road Runner had just lived up to their date or, at the very least made the effort to provide the slightest bit of information so I could have adjusted earlier instead of scrambling on the weekend and no doubt paying hundreds of dollars more to change their tickets. I would not have booked without the Oct 1 delivery date commitment. I am sure little can be done at this point. Their office is closed today, I have been given no after hours contact info. Even when you reach their office they are not helpful. I will go through the expense of changing their flights and taking extra time off of work to move my parents on the assumption that some day I hear from Road Runner and they have not just stolen my parents furniture. I did feel it important to file this complaint since booking a mover for most people is something you do rarely and therefore have to rely on reputation and experiences of others to make a choice. I wanted to let people know that, based on my experience at least, every bad experience you read about with them on the BBB site and various review sites seem to be true. Something I wish I had researched better before writing a contract with them. Hopefully others learn from my bad experience and mistake and you are able to help me get this resolved. Thank you
Desired Outcome
They cannot live up to their original agreed upon date at this point but I would like to hear when they will deliver, have it be delivered as soon as possible, and be discounted a fair amount from the fee to offset my extra expenses and missed time at work.


These guys were the worst

Rated 1 out of 5
September 24, 2020

My choice to select these guys was a guy name ***** and he was great, telling me how good they are and all our things will be moved white glove. Then, a payment is made. No customer service after that. They only reply by phone, nothing in writing except when they ask for payments. We told them we don’t think a full size semi will get in the drive of the new house. They shipped it all in a full size truck, made an extra payment for overage since the covid I had to give the item info to them over the phone which was off. then another payment because they claimed they didn’t charge enough for the overage. Then they had to unload the full size truck and put it all on 2 smaller trucks for delivery and I had to make a cash payment of another like $1200.00 directly to the driver. I had a car that they were supposed to pick up and move. That guy I dealt with was in a different department and they failed to pick up my car. I was calling and emailing him as the date got closer when they were supposed to come get it and no response. I told the guys that were moving my furniture to cancel since the auto guy was unresponsive. Then the auto guy calls me to try and salvage the deal. B.S. I was so screwed up emotionally and financially. The initial move estimate was under 6,000 and the car was like 700.00. It ended up being over 10,000 for the move and I spent a 1,000 on moving the car last minute. Oh and they picked up all my furniture. Like 12 cars showed up with guys that they paid cash to box all our stuff. No white glove. They just thru stuff in boxes like glass items on bottom and heavier stuff on top. Items broken…Not happy at all. Once they had my furniture and had already paid a bunch of money, I had to continue to pay and pay until it was done. Product_Or_Service: Moving Services Account_Number: XXXXXXX
Desired Outcome
No settlement requested – for It would be nice if they refunded a portion of what that I paid them, but doubt that will happen. I want people to know how they operate so they do not choose them. They only send emails for payments and do not communicate or answer concerns or questions.


FL to RI

Rated 1 out of 5
September 15, 2020

Moved from FL to RI. They were brokered though Empire Moving Group who I highly DO NOT RECOMMEND as well – the salesperson lied about employing all people in the move. They sub contract. The truck they subbed out for delivery was too small so some items were left behind. They had all the information they needed re size of truck required as everything was in storage, but instead shoved items into a small truck, some furniture was unwrapped and boxes that were clearly marked Fragile or Do Not Crush were smashed in. Annoyingly, I was talked out of getting additional insurance by the original salesperson (Empire Moving Group). This is my 10th move and I have to file a total of 39 missing or broken items – solid cherry and mahogany furniture, and households such as lamps, patio furniture, seats missing from chairs, backs missing from chairs, broken ceramics – dishes, vases, etc. The truck door was jammed with my items and it took them 15 minutes to dislodge it. Never in my 10 moves have I submitted a claim. They are the worst! STAY AWAY! P.S. Like other customers they are difficult to call and… they disconnect you after 30 minutes of being on hold. Emails are ignored.


Worst moving company ever

Rated 1 out of 5
September 1, 2020

They are deceitful and crooked. They stole items from me, and were impossible to ever reach by phone. They should not be in business. When I tried to file a claim for the lost and many broken items, the company they referred me to, turned out to be the same no return phone calls, and unable to be reached either by phone or email. Both companies, if you want to call them that, are bogus and fraudulent. NEVER use these people unless you just want to throw away money. They don’t deserve any stars, but could not post without one.


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