Trans Canada Movers Inc.

Rated 1.9 out of 5
1.9 out of 5 stars (based on 7 reviews)
Rated 1.9 out of 5
1.9 out of 5 stars (based on 7 reviews)

Company Summary

Trans Canada Movers Inc. is a long distance moving company, based in Vancouver British Columbia specializing in residential and commercial moving across the Canadian – American border as well as interprovincially.

Review Summary

Rated 1.9 out of 5
1.9 out of 5 stars (based on 7 reviews)
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Please avoid this company

Rated 2 out of 5
December 28, 2020

I think they are a pretty shady operation with very poor customer service. They did get the job done, and all my stuff was largely intact and on time. However, they overcharged me completely, and I don’t trust the weight they told me all my stuff amounted to. Unfortunately, I had no time to question this and no other way to verify.
I paid way too much for the extra cardboard boxes that they decided they needed to put my small boxes into ($500) , and also once the stuff arrived, it was a different company that took ownership of delivery.
Their contract company refused to bring my couch up stairs unless I paid an extra $200 USD for the stairs, on top of the $6000 USD I had already paid. So the couch just sat outside my apartment building on the sidewalk and the movers sat outside in their trucks for 2 hours while I tried to contact TCM Vancouver to try and resolve it.
It was extremely embarrassing to have this as a first impression in my new apartment complex. Overall, just extremely unprofessional, shady, disturbing conduct from any company. Ultimately ended up paying an extra $100 for the couch. I felt I was bullied and harassed.


Delivery Issues - BC to ONT

Rated 1 out of 5
February 24, 2020

We used Trans Canada movers Inc when we moved from Coquitlam(BC) to Markham (ON) on Monday June 10/2019. My wife was there when movers picked our stuff and load and she was happy with movers as they tagged and packed everything which needed packing. We were happy with the service provided at pick up location and was in impression our stuff is in safe hands with Trans Canada Movers until we got it delivered in Markham ON on 29 June 2019. Our delivery person name was Bullent and his team. When I first booked this company for our move, our representative Don was in contact with us for any question or concern but after we told our boxes are missing, no one ever contacted us or replied until I contacted Mike on Dec 03/2019 When Bullent came with our delivery in Markham, started moving our stuff so quickly and did not gave us chance to count our boxes and assured us that if anything is missing we can contact Trans Canada movers and we believed in him. On the delivery time we saw that our iron board part was missing and scratches on kids bunk bed but we absorb it as a cost of moving and did not even claim for that but we told Bullent. Bullent delivered 2 extra boxes which was different than ours as ours was mostly **** ***** boxes, we advised at the entrance only that these boxes are not ours as different size and colour and returned to Bullent right away. When paying the remaining amount of move Bullent charge us full amount even though we paid partial amount already as this is company policy. When I questioned him why he charged full amount on my credit card even I paid $1000 already, since he already deducted he said he can’t refund right away And we contacted Don to refund and we got it back. When unpacking we found our boxes were missing. We right away informed Don . He advised us that he will look into it and no response from him for many days, we contacted him again and also filled the claim form. Again after that no reply. We contacted him again and he asked If we ever got communication from claim which never happened. He asked us to provide more time as mentioned they still looking for our lost stuff which was mostly jackets and winter boots hardly 6 month old. After that don stopped on replying to our calls and emails. Then we contacted trans Canada directly and spoke with mike, after so many phone conversation and emails trans Canada offer us $100 for our stuff which was more than $1500 Also Bullent declined what he said on delivery as he never let us count the boxes and he said (Mike told us)we counted the boxes and that’s how we knew the 2 boxes was not ours, we can clearly see he is blaming us for his bad service. I told Mike in claims that I will provide him the receipt and all if they need to finalize the claim, even after that Mike final offer comes with $250 which We declined even before offer. This total move costed us around $2500 for service plus more than $1500 for our lost stuff. We were told by Don that there will be insurance protection on move but we don’t understand how can we replace our stuff of more than $1500 with $250. We want Trans Canada to find our stuff within a timeline or replace with same. We never though it will be so much hassle and back and forth even after booking a reputable company for our move, we are dissatisfied with the service and communication with the company.


Avoid at all costs!

Rated 1 out of 5
November 12, 2019

An absolute horrible of a company. Save yourself the time and money and look elsewhere for movers.
I moved from Vancouver to Quebec. Initial time estimate was 2-3 weeks. Two weeks passed by without a word from them, I called and they informed me I would receive a call within a few days to get the new delivery estimate. After an entire week, I called again and was given the same exact response. I proceeded to call again everyday for 4 days only to be told that the van was in Toronto (for over a week?).
The calls were all over the place. Nobody was taking responsibility, nobody was giving me any concrete details about my items. Dispatch was extremely rude and provided no help whatsoever. Half the time I was thinking my items were actually stolen.
Eventually I stopped calling and informed them that I would need a 48 hour notice to comply with the building’s code. Meanwhile I had to book a room and pay extra $500 for the 2 extra weeks they took. After yet another week I called (I initiated the call) and was told the van would be there in less than 48 hours. The day of, the delivery was delayed yet 2 more days.
Upon delivery I was not given instructions, but was almost penalized for not reserving a delivery spot right in front of the building. They claimed that a 10 second walk was “long delivery” and demanded extra payment. They double parked and I had to help them move the items so that they wouldn’t get fined.
After unboxing my items, I discovered that my 65″ TV’s screen was broken. For the record, the TV cost me $1500 without tax, will cost $900 to fix, and was one of the main reasons I opted to move my items. I should mention that I gave specific instructions on multiple occasions that this item was very important. After submitting the claim, I was told that they can only pay out $250.
So ultimately this move cost me double what it should have.

Abdullah Jasim

Well done!

Rated 5 out of 5
September 6, 2019

Tammy at Trans Canada Movers was my first point of contact with move from Camarillo California back to South Surrey, British Columbia. What a delightful experience! Tammy was able to give me a very accurate estimate of the cost of move. Tammy is efficient and knowledgeable about international moving. Move was seamless. From pickup, storage and delivery, crews were great!!! Very respectful of carpets, flooring and our belongings, everything arrived in mint condition. Thanks to everyone at Trans Canada, well done!!!


Be careful about booking with them

Rated 2 out of 5
August 2, 2019

I recently made the move from Vancouver to Eastern Canada, and back again using Trans Canada Movers. As we all know, moving is stressful and you want someone you can trust. I would NOT recommend this company. The first part went relatively smoothly, so I decided to use the company again.
Unfortunately, that’s when I saw the lack of consistency and accountability that you’ve seen in other comments here. This includes:
-Despite being a return trip with the contents of my 1 bedroom apartment, my quote was 40% off and I ended up paying nearly double for the return trip.
-Several items of furniture were damaged beyond repair, because they failed to pack them properly, and the company refused to re-imburse the costs. Blame was placed on the company they sub-contracted to.
I don’t often review companies, but want to pass along my caution based on the awful experience I had.

Hilary K

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